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Scotty IV (pronounced 'eye – vee'), represents the the spirit of the hip hop community and it’s history in Toronto, in its purest form. Heralded as a top tier songwriter and performer, Scotty has etched his own name within the music scene amongst some of Torontos most revered talents.


Tremayne’s prolific artistry and diverse talents have allowed him craft an impressive resume in the entertainment world, all the while cultivating a loyal and eclectic base of fans.Early in his career he opened for many hiphop legends and which allowed him the platform to put a stamp on his reputation as a stage killer.Since then, he’s been able to take advantage of this momentum and remain consistently booked performing through out Canada and across the globe, as well as drop a string of celebrated releases that has grown his acclaim across the music world.

Charlie Noiir

Known for being the life of the party, Charlie is the spark that ignites everything around him. In no application is this any clearer than in his music. With a focus on feel-good vibes that will carry you from the highway to the club, Noiirs' music does not restrict itself to any one individual lane.Following a successful run of releases in 2022, Charlie looks to take the next big step with a collection of impressive releases slated for 2023.


YoungWolf is a Toronto based electronic music producer. Honing his talents making heavy hitting bass driven music, YoungWolf has also taken his production talents into the underground hip hop community, highlighted by the collaborative 2021 project “FABERGÉ” with hip hop collective STAYOUTLATE. Together they look to bring a whole new energy and style to the Toronto hip hop scene.

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